Review: Shinola The Gail 36mm S0120052428


The Gail 36mm S0120052428 was unveiled in 2017 by Shinola, which was founded in 2011. Since I was living in Troy, Michigan last year, I had an opportunity to look around the Shinola store at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. It was that store where I found and bought this watch as a souvenir.

Overview – Shinola The Gail

The Gail was released as one of the women’s collections. According to This article written by Shinola, this watch is tribute to Emily Gail’s cause and brings. I am not familiar with her very much but I kind of assume and recognize that her achievement may not be only fabulous itself, but also decent for Shinola to set the tone. There are five styles in the Gail collection. List price depends on the dial/case color and strap style, from 650 USD to 900 USD. S0120052428 has a stainless steel case with slate blue dial.

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Case and Crown

The front side of the case is composed of polished stainless steel with a coin-edge top ring. As a coin-edge pattern is usually used for classic looks watches, this watch also looks old school.

On the other hand, the side of the case is hairline finished. Mother of pearl is inlaid on the onion crown, this makes us realize that this is basically developed as a women’s collection.

The diameter, 36mm is nice not only for women but men and Lug to Lug height is also decent.

However, I would say the thickness is not thin enough even though this they use a domed sapphire crystal on this watch. Actually, I also realized that almost all watches Shinola had released so far were thicker than competitor’s, regardless of quartz or automatic.

Dial – Indices and Hands

One of the most eye-catching features of this watch is its dial – Slate blue guilloche dial.

I have no idea how to describe it properly, this nice blue dial has a kind of “a paper feeling”. The paper feeling, guilloche dial really feels solid, that leads me to desire to buy.

The indices are applied type, having enough height so also feels solid.

Shinola’s logo is also applied type but it is more rounded than the indices.
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Hour/Minute hands are leaf type, having the same color portion with MOP on the crown.

Unlikely hour/minute hands, second hand is basic bar type.
Has a date indicator.

Strap and Buckle

The leather strap is supplied by Horween Leather Co., which is a well-known tanner in Illinois. Horween has a great reputation on their Shell Cordovan. Though this is black calf strap, I think it is still good looking.

You can see the engraving “Horween Leather” slightly.
On the backside of the buckle, Shinola sign is engraved in orange.

Case Back – Movement

Since this watch has a solid case back, I have never seen the movement – instead of that, we can see the reference and serial number on it (not printed but engraved). This is okay for me not to be able to see the movement, it is not a mechanical watch.

Sourced by:

<Shinola Argonite 715>

  • System – Quartz (three hands with date indicator)
  • Diameter – 26.20mm
  • Thickness – 2.5mm
  • Jewels – 5
  • Note – Ronda Caliber. 715 movement

First of all, many components of Shinola watches are NOT made in Detroit as they’ve officially announced here. For example – cases, hands, crystals and buckles are from China, Dials are from Taiwan, Mother of pearl is brought by Indonesia. And they actually haven’t developed any in-house movements, those are all imported from Ronda or Selita.

If I have to focus more about Ronda 715, there are two specs – 1 jewel with nickel plated finish and 5 jewels with gold plated finish. Argonite 715 looks 5 jewels and gold plated finish version. At the moment, they appear not to have any in-house movement. On the other hand, Ronda 715 is a well-known caliber which has been used by Mondaine, Movado and many of low/moderate priced watch brands.

About “Built in Detroit”

I know there are some controversial rumors/facts about Shinola. Like I have introduced, most of the components are NOT made in Detroit or the U.S.A. I agree that there are certainly aspects that they uses this sentence “Built in Detroit” as their marketing. In fact, once Federal Trade Commision raised concerns about Shinola’s marketing because they were “overstated”. After that, Shinola had to take an action to use “Built in Detroit” instead of “Made in USA”, but personally I feel it can be still misleading by people who aren’t familiar with their marketing.

However, I believe that what really matters is how we feel about their products. For example, personally, I would say The Gail was worth buying. Like I mentioned in the beginning, the place where I met this watch was Shinola Outlet Store at Great Lakes Crossing.

Shinola store at Great Lakes Crossing – the only outlet store of Shinola.

The actual price that I paid was about 200 USD although the list price of S0120052428 is 650 USD. I thought that was a great discount, but similar things happen in many watch brands in America like Movado, Blova and Fossil etc. This may be one of the features among retail businesses in the US.

But when I simply saw this watch as just “a watch priced 200 USD” I felt that was worth buying. Its classical looks with moderate case size was attractive enough to me, the guilloche dial was decent, they even used domed sapphire crystal – and so on. Ronda 715 movement? Doesn’t matter. It isn’t a luxury watch, but a fashion watch.

However, if it was priced as 650 USD (list price), I would never buy. That’s it. The decision is ours.


Modern designed fashion watch, produced by an emerging company.

As a fashion watch, I wouldn’t try to stop you from buying Shinola watches by list price, but if you do that just take a moment to think. If you have an opportunity to visit Auburn hills, it is recommended to look around the Shinola outlet store.

Overall Rate 3.6

Spec Information

  • Brand: Shinola
  • Model: The Gail 36mm
  • Reference: S0120052428
  • Movement: Argonite 715 (Ronda 715)
  • Remarks: Discontinued
  • List Price: 650 USD
  • Weight: 56g