Review: Movado Museum Classic


Movado was originally founded in Switzerland, 1811. They were well-known as a sophisticated mechanical watch manufacturer so that they could supply movements to Cartier.

However things had been changed completely after The Quartz Crisis. Nowadays Movado is an American fashion watch company and is one of the brands Movado Group owns. This group has Movado, Ebel, Concord and some licensed brands like Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Olivia Burton and Coach. As I was living in Michigan a while because of my job as an sales engineer, I met this watch in a mall near my house.

Overview – Movado Museum Classic

Museum Classic is an iconic model of Movado collection. The original “Museum Watch” was designed in 1947.

Original Museum Watch showed what Simplicity is, with a white gold case and black enamel dial, like this up here.

This Museum Classic is different from the original Museum Watch in many aspects, but it looks similar the most among current collection of Movado.

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Case and Crown

Case is made by stainless steel. Though it is moderate priced fashion watch, sapphire glass is installed, which is good.

Case diameter is about 40mm. With the fact that original “Museum Watch” was 35mm in mind, this is just modernized size.

The case thickness is 7.4mm, which is not bad number. It is a simple quartz watch, should be that thin.

Its crown has an accent by blue point like Cartier does, though it is not inlaid. Assuming just a film or a painting.

And there is one thing that I reveal regarding the crown – it is fairly stiffer to wind than I expected. Technically, that doesn’t matter because this is a quartz watch, you don’t have to adjust the time frequently. I was just wondering why just hours/minutes hands make it so stiff.

Dial – Indices and Hands

Black dial looks really really flat surface. Obviously, Museum Classic has only one applied index on 12 o’clock position.

Applied index looks like a mirror – Blinds curtain in my room is reflected.

Brand name is on bottom of the dial with small characters.

Those characters look powder like a bit in this picture, but you may not recognize it by human eyes.

Hands are also really simple. Two Dolphin hands in silver, that’s it.

Strap and Buckle

The buckle has a round point like the index. The strap is black calf leather with 21mm (lug side), but its quality does not satisfy me, honestly. That has rough surface, too thin in comparison with the case thickness. I know this is a fashion watch, not a luxury watch but I believe they should do slightly more if they want to sell this as the list price.

I ended up to replace it with a black cordovan leather strap when I was using this watch. As its dial looks fairly flat, cordovan strap went well. Or it would be also better to make it by myself.


Now Movado does not manufacture any of movements anymore, regardless of mechanical or quartz. I do not recognize which caliber they use for Museum Classic specifically, it appears to be supplied by Ronda. Ronda movements are used by many of low/moderate priced watch brands. (I also touched this topic on Shinola The Gail.)

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Simplest design fashion watch in modernized size.

Although I said that Movado had been changed from it was, its simplicity is still living in this design. When it comes to “simple watch”, we can easily think of Nomos or Junghans influenced by Bauhaus. But it would be also decent to think of Movado if you don’t want to pay much. Because you can get it by fairly low price…especially in US, at least lower than half of list price. In fact, I have seen some guys who uses this watch in daily life in US.

Overall Rate 3.2

Spec Information

  • Brand: Movado
  • Model: Museum Classic
  • Reference:
  • Movement: Supplied by Ronda
  • Remarks: Currently available
  • List Price: 495 USD
  • Weight: 51g