Review: Faber-Castell Ambition Ballpoint Pen OpArt Blue Lagoon #149618


Ambition is a reachable collection by Faber-Castell, well known as a luxury stationary brand. #149618 which I made an impulse buy when I stopped by Faber-Castell Boutique is one of them.

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The word of “Op Art” – its collection name – is short for “Optional Art”, a form of visual art which uses optical illusions. They typically give us some impression of movement, vibrating or of floating.

This guilloche pattern looks quite great, collaborating its limited color, Blue Lagoon. Their collaboration made me to make an impulse buy.

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Front tip and End cap are polished chromed metal in good quality. Brand name is engraved on the cap as you can see here. End cap has a spring-loaded clip so you that you can clip it.

Wiring Performance

As a ballpoint pen, #149618 is equipped with twist-mechanism. Is isn’t surprising because many of pens (even mechanical pensils!) Faber-Castell produces are using it.

#149618 comes with a Faber-Castell Ballpoint Pen Refill, line with B in black.

The writing performance is: not amazing, but not bad. I would say just feel decent. But it doesn’t matter at this time. Leaving that aside, there is an point I have to mention in the next chapter.


As many pens have, #149618 has some weaknesses.

Its balance is one of them. Take a look at this picture.

You simply realize that #149618 is fairly rear weighted. Why is it so unbalanced? This is because the chromed metal end cap is quite heaviy – in fact, it accounts for 49% of the whole weight.

I do know that some pens of Faber-Castell are rear weighted but honestly I do prefer a well-balanced or front weighted one. This balance should be mentioned much more than refill quality or a grip or so.

The other is about the resin barrel. Generally it looks quite good, but when you see it closely:

Rear side looks decent, but…
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There is a big gap on the front! It doesn’t look sophisticated.

Also, the resin barrel is in good color and in guilloche pattern, but the resin material itself feel cheap in comparison with its price tag. Too light weighted.


Even though I mentioned there were weaknesses, I am satisfied with #149618.

Because this is just looking nice. I know it is too outspoken but I just love this marvelous Blue Lagoon color and the pattern. there is nothing I should mention anymore.

As I love Blue, I tend to collect blue items – Bag, Wallet, Belt and Card case…

And #149618 is joined. That’s literally all it is.

Spec Information

  • Brand: Faber-Castell
  • Model: Ambition Ballpoint Pen OpArt Blue Lagoon
  • Reference: 149618
  • Remarks: Limited Color, Discontinued
  • Expected List Price: 85.00 USD
  • Weight: 27.9g
  • Length: 150mm
  • Grip Diameter: 9.9mm