Learn: Fine Leather Tools – Amy Roke and YORKSHINE


Leather craftsmen often face many tool problems at at certain stage of their way, especially for pricking irons.

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Which product you use, Vergez Blanchard, Amy Roke, SINCE and Wuta… and French style or Japanese style? It’s kind of cumbersome but even fun to find the best one for you, but I would like to recommend you these which I ended up to get used to use.

French style – Amy Roke

Amy Roke – Pricking iron 5 prongs in 3.0mm pitches.

Amy Roke produces premium leather tools from China. Nowadays they are already very famous among leather craftsmen, and yes, I found that their product is literally awesome.

See this 5 blades which are focused, these are completely polished so that users pull out it easily. Some products like Blanchard tool may require users to do additional finishing or modification before using precisely, but with Amy Roke we don’t have to do anything. We can just open it and use.

And the appearance itself is also fabulous. These are the reasons I ended up to recommend you Amy Roke.

5 prongs, 2 prongs. *French owl is not Amy Roke’s product.
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Japanese Style – YORKSHINE

YORKSHINE is a company in Hong Kong that produces various of leather tools. They make both Japanese style and French style of pricking irons but I would recommend Japanese style one which Amy Roke doesn’t make.

YORKSHINE – Pricking iron 8 teeth in 3.0mm pitches.

As you can see, their product is also polished well and easy to use without any additional work. I would say the finishing level and design itself is slightly poorer than Amy Roke, but still much better than other products. Additionally, their products are more accessible than other competitors. Japanese style pricking irons are not so popular among professional leather craftsmen, but this one does work enough even for us.

Comparison – Amy Roke and YORKSHINE

3.0mm pitches of Amy Roke (French) 5 prongs and YORKSHINE (Japanese) 8 teeth.
3.0mm pitches of Amy Roke (French) 2 prongs and YORKSHINE (Japanese) 2 teeth.
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Amy Roke (Left side), YORKSHINE (right side). YORKSHINE is about 15mm longer.
YORKSHINE (Japanese style) in left side, Amy Roke (French style) in right side.
Stitched by 0.4mm diameter polyester thread.

There is a lot to say about stitching, basically it’s up to you. But I would say that if you want to make it looked plain and not busy you should use Japanese style pricking iron, and if opposite you need French style.

And there is one thing I want to insist strongly – whether French style or Japanese style doesn’t matter, to get a fine pricking iron is a great investment for your future.

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