Learn: Disassemble $500 Alligator Watch Strap – Part1


Me 5 Years Ago

I ordered an custom alligator strap at Jean-Rousseau Boutique for my Blancpain Villeret 6223A-1542-55B.

6223A-1542-55B with an original black crocodile strap.

Jean-Rousseau creates handmade custom leather goods such as wallets, belts, bags and watch straps. They were rewarded EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label, standing for Living Heritage Company several times. As a similar company, there are Camille Fournet and Jean-Claude Perrin.

Atelier Jean Rousseau, Tokyo – Outside
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Atelier Jean Rousseau, Tokyo – Inside

At Jean-Rousseau Atelier, I asked them to create brown alligator strap with light brown thread for 6223A-1542-55B. As an original strap was a black crocodile, I just wanted make it a little more relaxed.

After spending $500 and over 3 weeks, it finally appeared to me.

Custom made alligator strap with Jean-Rousseau deployant buckle.
Perfectly went with Villeret.

I was completely satisfied with the strap and their work because it went well with 6223A-1542-55B absolutely.

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Me Now

After many twists and turns, today I am able to create handmade watch strap by myself as just one of leather creators.

Blue alligator watch strap which myself made.
Brown lizard one and blue Veau Epsom one I made.

Today, Blancpain Villeret 6223A-1542-55B is not with me anymore. 6223A-1542-55B lug width is 20mm, but there is no watch that can be applied 20mm width strap. I have become to prefer smaller size watches (around 34mm diameter) so there is almost no opportunity to implement such a wide Jean-Rousseau watch strap.

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Therefore, I could not resist disassemble it to clarify how Atelier Jean-Rousseau creates their straps!

It’s Time to Start

In the next article, you may see how Jean-Rousseau does work on their creations!