Learn: Disassemble $500 Alligator Watch Strap – Part2


As I explained in the last article, I’m going to disassemble Jean-Rousseau $500 custom made strap.

However, before disassemble them let’s take a look in detail.

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Just one hole – this is the evidence of custom made.

As you can see, this strap is made by machine stitched.

The backside of it is covered with rubber. You can’t see any stitches from the backside, as they call it as “caoutchouc” in their language.

rubber coated – “caoutchouc”
Zoomed in – 6 o’clock side, the spring bar width is 20mm.
Zoomed in – 12 o’clock side, 20mm-18mm.
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6 o’clock side – As a flat type strap, both thickness are 3.2mm.
12 o’clock side. a spring bar should be installed 2.2 mm side.


Then, let’s start with 6 o’clock side first.

Took the rubber off, it’s just glued. The rubber itself thickness is 0.6 mm.

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After removed stitches, again took glued leathers off.

12 o’clock side leather parts can be separated into 2 parts, an inter 1.2mm leather and an outer 1.4mm alligator leather. White surface looks like synthetic fabric. This kind of synthetic fabric can prevent the elongation of leather straps, a well known method to build a watch strap.

12 o’clock is a little bit more complicated, but pretty same with 6 o’clock side.

Took the leather off,

Also can be separated into 2 parts, an inter 1.0mm leather and an outer 1.7mm. A leather loop is sewed on the inner leather.


Regarding its reassemble, I’ve created a short video below as a trial.