About This Site and Author

About This Site

Blancpain Villeret ref.6223A-1542-55B, which strongly invited me to the watch world.

My first watch which I bought by myself was Villeret Ultraslim ref. 6223A-1542-55B by Blancpain. And immediately, 25 years old man became one of the watch lovers.

However, pretty soon I realized that there was a slight gap between what I prefer and what young watch lovers around me prefer. Specifically, what most of them loved were chronograph like Speedmaster, Portugieser or dive watches like Submariner. Of course I also loved those watches, but what I truly loved was more small, thin and dress-like watches.

In the meantime, I recalled an old proverb – “Tade kuu mushi mo suki-zuki.”

It literally means “There are some worms that eat even Fallopia Japonica.” “Tade” means “Fallopia Japonica (Japanese Knotweed)”. And Fallopia Japonica does not taste good.

In brief, “Tade kuu mushi mo suki-zuki.” implies “There is no accounting for tastes.”

What I reveal on this site – not only in watches, but also other topics – may not really popular, famous or common sometimes. I would say it is kind of “Tade”.

About The Author

Author: Raretsu

A 30 years old man, had worked in several countries. Now working in German company as an engineer. And another side, a leather craftsman.

I cannot resist a thin, moderate-sized dress watch, especially manual winding model. Also love in coffee and well-crafted leather goods.

The Rating Policy

In Review articles, I rate them and show as “Overall Rate” between 1 and 5 stars depending on my personal impression/experience. This rating is never related to any companies or organizations. And I never rate watches without owning and using it for a certain period of time.

Following 5 features are primary topics when I rate them;

  • Design, Color and Size: beautifully designed, perfectly sized or over decorated, etc.
  • Build Quality: well finished or just decent, Disappointing, etc.
  • Rarity: currently available or discontinued, easy to buy or difficult, etc.
  • Fun to Use: is it fun to use or not really. (*manual winding is simply an advantage.)
  • Value for Budget: well priced or over priced. (based on case material, movement point of view, etc)

Notice: I am telling you this is just MY personal impression. Even if your favorite watch is under rated in this site, that totally does not matter.

Old proverb said, “Tade kuu mushi mo suki-zuki.”, “There is no accounting for tastes.”